Connecting Global Buyers with U.S. Suppliers

OTA’s Connect with U.S. Organic program – sponsored by the Organic Trade Association (OTA) – connects global buyers with qualified U.S. organic producers seeking to meet the world’s growing demand for USDA certified organic food and products.

From online to in-person, OTA’s Connect with U.S. Organic program provides global buyers an array of opportunities to learn about U.S. organic exporters, secure immediate sales opportunities and establish long-term partnerships. Program features include:

  • Expense paid, in-person connections with U.S. producers at U.S. trade shows and gatherings
  • 24-7 online access to U.S. producers
  • Valuable insight to U.S. markets through newsletters and market reports
  • High-quality USDA Organic seal brought to customers worldwide

As desire for safe and traceable goods grows worldwide, OTA’s Connect with U.S. Organic program helps connect you to the most high-value U.S.-based opportunities today, and for the future.